Mini Selection Gift Box

Mini Selection Gift Box

Offered in two practical mini tins, our prized Extra Virgin Olive Oil is harmonically paired with a pack of crispy Kalamata Olives.


Discover what’s in our box

  • 2 tins of Alpha to Omega Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Selection, 250ml - intense and balanced, this vibrant green oil is prized for its freshness and lingering flavor. Best enjoyed fresh, drizzled over vegetables, soups, red meat, fruit salads and pasta dishes, or simply for dipping crusty bread.
  • Alpha to Omega Olives 250gr - these Kalamata Olives, preserved in Alpha to Omega Early Harvest extra virgin olive oil, are traditionally processed with natural fermentation; they are crispy, of average saltiness and the most sought-after variety in the world.


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Alonia, Kalamata
GR 24 009
Messinia, Greece

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