We take pride in our premium products, namely a line of three distinct extra virgin olive oils and two kinds of olives. 

Our extra virgin olive oils are characterized by a rich aroma, signature taste, almost no acidity and have exceptional antioxidant properties.

Early Harvest

Intense and balanced, with green fruitiness and a lingering spicy flavor.
Aromas of artichoke and grassy notes combined with a green pepper sensation, in ultimate harmony.
Ideally enjoyed fresh, drizzled over vegetable dishes, soups, red meat, fruit salads and pasta, or simply for dipping crusty bread.


Robust, full-flavored, with a peppery punch.
Aromas of artichoke, olive leaf and freshly cut grass.
Best enjoyed with strong-flavored foods or simply as a bread dipper.


Fruity with aromatic complexity. 
Delicate, subtle notes of artichoke, herbs, tomato leaf and green banana in an ultimate balance.
Ideal for any cooking method, in fish or pasta dishes, as well as in raw salads or as a dip.


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Alonia, Kalamata
GR 24 009
Messinia, Greece

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