Kalamata: home of the best olives in the world since antiquity

Kalamata is found on the Peloponnese peninsula in southern Greece and is renowned for its olive tree cultivation for thousands of years. The amazing Greek sun, rich soil and exceptional microclimate constitute the ideal environment for the world-famous olives and olive oil.

The Koroneiki olive variety was named after the historic town of Koroni in the Messinia county of the Peloponnese region. The trees are highly prized for their aromatic, strongly flavored olive oil and are known for their regal, small fruits. Also called “the queen of olives”, Koroneiki variety is globally recognized as one of the preferred varietals for olive oil production due to their unusually high yield of olive oil. 
Their special organoleptic features include an exceptionally low acidity, a deep bright green color, a bittersweet taste and a smooth taste feeling of various fruits.


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Alonia, Kalamata
GR 24 009
Messinia, Greece

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