Olive oil quality every step of the way, from Alpha to Omega. From tree-to-table.

Stack valuable items in your kitchen. Extra virgin olive oil should always be one of them. Enhance your diet with our superb extra virgin olive oil.


We consistently look after every stage of production – from alpha to omega. We have adopted optimal production methods. 

From feeding and pruning, to keep our trees happy, to pressing and bottling. To offer you an extra virgin olive oil with signature taste and aromas and exceptional antioxidant properties.


Olives are naturally high in polyphenol antioxidants that not only provide much of the aroma and flavor of extra-virgin olive oil but also offer a wide range of health benefits. 

Suboptimal methods used to turn olives into olive oil may affect both the quantity and quality of polyphenols.

5000 family-owned olive trees

We cultivate and harvest our 5,000 family-owned olive trees with great care and environmental consciousness while our fertile soil, microclimate and Koroneiki olive variety, shape the exceptional sensory characteristics of our extra virgin olive oil. 

Phenolic compounds are mainly responsible for the characteristic gustatory property of our extra-virgin olive oils, namely the bitter taste and the spicy sensation.

Alpha to Omega

At a locally-based olive mill, our team meticulously process the highest-quality olives within a few hours after harvesting following optimal milling processes and cold-extraction methods that heighten the expression of our olive oil’s complex flavors while maximizing antioxidant levels. 

We then put Alpha to Omega extra virgin olive oil into an opaque white bottle or high-quality tin container to protect it from light and retain its unparalleled quality.


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Alonia, Kalamata
GR 24 009
Messinia, Greece

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